• http://www.korealawblog.com Brendon Carr

    The documentary is broadcast from time to time here on your satellite television service, or the torrent is easily found on-line. It’s a very good production.

  • andru

    I agree with Brendon. I randomly saw this one night and decided to watch it. Probably the only real documentary on soldiers in the current war. It said they were allowed unprecedented access for ten days. It’s not political at all; it merely shows what they do and how they feel. I wish major US news outlets would show stuff like that.

  • Master_P

    SSG Chay wasn’t a Green Beret, he was a Crytologic Linguist(98G) attached to a team of Green Berets to provide intelligence support.

  • R. Elgin

    Andru, major news outlets in the U.S. nowadays are largely corporate mouthpieces and the corporations have political connections, thus we have fewer sources of unbiased information and shows like the aforementioned.

    Perhaps the American public needs a political “American Idol” show to engage their intellectappetites.

  • http://www.korealawblog.com Brendon Carr

    SSG Chay wasn’t a Green Beret, he was a Crytologic Linguist(98G) attached to a team of Green Berets to provide intelligence support.

    Hospital corpsmen in the Fleet Marine Force aren’t Marines, either.

  • Master_P

    “Hospital corpsmen in the Fleet Marine Force aren’t Marines, either.”

    Nobody is saying that they are. The post and the blog that it links to identify SSG Chay as a green beret which is completely incorrect. Just pointing out an error.


  • http://blog.myspace.com/wangkon936 WangKon936

    Well, us ignorate civies don’t always know the intricacies of Army organization structures. I made an innocent, but wrong, assumption.

    However, could you be any less diplomatic in pointing it out?

  • random guy

    I don’t think Master_P had any intent on being ‘less diplomatic’ he was merely clarifying a point.

    Also a cryptologic linguist, does not ‘break codes on the fly.’ They are voice interceptors.

    Neither of these points take away from the service and life SSG Chay gave to his country.

  • wife of SSG Chay

    no one will probably read this who posted these comments but randomly when I’m really depressed about missing the love the of my life I look for random blogs or postings. First of all for you “civies” lol yes, the military is very, very competitive in nature and just like the green berets think they are better, delta thinks they’re better than the green berets. There is a serious hierarchy involved and you can link that directly to funding that is provided for USASOC vs. traditional army such as the 18th corps which is also at Fort Bragg as well as 3rd and 7th group (Green Berets) for the civies, lol. Yes, he was a cryptologist which is a 98 gulf and random guy I think you really made a poor attempt to make it your response “diplomatic”. I am still held to his security clearance and director of NSA for his private memorial held there told me serious information about his direct “voice inceptors” which led to the capture of almost 20 high risk insurgents. My husband chose to come in as enlisted because he’s a soldier’s soldier. He didn’t think it was right that he should take command over people without knowing from bottom up regardless of the fact that he wanted to learn Arabic. This is just information that I thought might clarify some things. I know that no one meant to offend me and no offense taken. I have utmost respect for ARMY period, I am a military wife, still and will be. I’m a very active widow on base and continue to do so. The Green Berets deserve their respect as well as Navy Seals, Delta, yes but really, don’t let it get to your heads guys. He’s still dead and my kids have no father. For the Green Berets, the reason why the articles keep misleading the public is because since he died supporting 3rd Group, I get the same benefits in terms of being invited to UWSF and all USASOC functions. I’m considered part of that family and they have been great.

    I swear I’m not trying to sound bitter but it reminds me of a story. We all attended a widow support group and this 2nd LT female, lost her husband in Iraq who was a 1st LT and she looked over at my two friends whose husbands died as CW4 apache pilot and CW3 chinook pilot and asked ” Wouldn’t your husbands have to salute mine if they were alive?”

    What do you think of that comment?

  • NetizenKim

    Hello wife of SSG Chay,

    I knew your husband Kyu Chay from high school (Bronx High School of Science, Class of 1990). When I found out about his death two years ago I was shocked and deeply saddened. He was a well-liked person during high shool.

  • Mizar5

    My condolences. Your husband was a hero and I salute him for his service, dedication and professionalism.