• dogbertt

    I’m eagerly awaiting his review of “Gone With the Wind”.

  • wjk

    movie was good enough for an Oscar. Somewhat surprised that a re-make of a Hong Kong film will win an Oscar.

    Regardless, very entertaining, very artistic.

    Anyone who hasn’t seen it, should find a way to watch it.

  • http://bighominid.blogspot.com bighominid

    If your brother’s not pulling in six figures for his writing, he should be. He’s damn good.


  • http://usinkorea.org/blog1 usinkorea

    I didn’t care for the movie much. It was OK, but I usually expect more from the director and actors who made it.

    The acting was fine. The direction fine. But, it was just an OK movie to me. Not Oscar worthy.

    If I had paid money at a theatre to watch it, I’d have been more disappointed.

    It just didn’t have something —- what I don’t know — that movies like Casino, Goodfellas, The Godfather and so on had.

  • JK

    I agree with usinkorea…..for once.

    Scorcese was long overdue for a Best Director Oscar award…..but it was for the wrong movie. His movies Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Goodfellas, his masterpiece, were better. But Departed was entertaining.

  • JK

    Regarding Back to the Future: Even though one of the themes of the movie was nostalgia for the 1950s in the hip 1980s….it’s ironically become a nostalgia piece for the eighties. I sometimes ACHE for the eighties when I watch it now.

  • Netizen Kim

    When I was watching “Departed”, I found myself wondering “there is still such a thing as an Irish gang?”

  • Sonagi

    Change your username, bluejives?