• judge judy

    priceless. it looks like a split personality wingnut attempting to argue with his or her selves throughout the thread. at least a site like that keeps another wacko off the street and in front of a computer.

  • Naishi

    From the “about” section of majorityrights.com.

    “This website discusses various issues related to the preservation of Western culture and the ethnic genetic interests (EGI) of people of European ancestry. This site does not argue that the EGI and cultural concerns of non-European people are less important than those of people of European ancestry.”


  • hoju_saram

    Bizarre. Seems like the guy is some sort of pure race fanatic. My only take on his attack on foreigners dating koreans is to protect himself from being labeled a hypocrite so he can go about his real task: the preservation of “western genetic interests”.

    This site does not argue that the EGI and cultural concerns of non-European people are less important than those of people of European ancestry.

    It takes two to tango. Korean girls aren’t stupid. If a Korean girl doesn’t want to date a white man she won’t. If she wants to, both parties are happy, and who the fuck does this guy think he is to say it’s not ok? A racist trying to cloak his ideas in quasi-intellectual drivel.

  • http://yeomso.blogspot.com/ The Goat

    I feel dirty just for reading that thread.

  • jdog2050

    Jeez, you too goat? Here’s my response in the link’s comment section–

    “Can I be the first to call bullshit on this entire thread?

    I will paraphrase Bill Maher by saying that sometimes, cultures aren’t just equal, they’re better.

    This guy was responding to an article that was *obviously and purposely* chastising foreigners as having some acidic, corrupting influence on the oh so pure Koreans.

    Fuck that, I’m sorry, but if Korea wants to “play ball” with the G8 countries then this xenophobic, Confucian bullshit needs to go out the window.”

  • lirelou

    Damn! I’m a mongrelizer, as are probably many who read the Marmot. So, by the way, was an Aussie soldier named Rayenne Simpson, VC, whose wife was Japanese. After “Simo” died of leukemia likely brought on by exposure to Agent Orange, his wife sold his Victoria Cross to fund the education of their oldest child. An Australian wine producer who had never served in his country’s Defence Forces heard of this, and bottled a special run of port with potraits of Australia’s four Vietnam War VC winners, and used to sales proceeds to buy back Ray Simpson’s VC for return to his widow. Ray, I understand, left four children. I’d bet they’re proud Aussies all. “Mongrel” or not.

  • jdog2050

    Oh, no wonder that felt so disgusting…it really is some sort of quasi-aryan site disgused as “reason”.

  • jdog2050

    Wow…just went to the front page of that site. Wow.

  • clark66

    I’m a proud mongrelizer myself, and have a couple of thoughts on this. First, my wife’s family loves me. They are always happy to see me, call me a lot (especailly my bro-in-law) and like to hang out with me. Not only that, but my wife is the youngest of a whole herd of kids (9 to be exact) and most of her relatives (uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc.) had a hard time remembering she even existed. But now that she is married to me, she is the one they remember the most. Second, my wife’s family probably didn’t feel that way before, which brings up my second point. The majority of people who oppose interracial marraiges probably have never personally known a foreigner who is married to a Korean. They only hear about the wacked up ones in news articles (which are probably not accurate anyway). Also, I don’t want to bring economics and biases into this, but my experience has been the poorer and less-educated a person is (Korean in this case) the more biased he/she is. Thus most affluent, educated people I have met usually comment that they woudl not mind at all if their kids became mongrelizer like me. Just a couple of thoughts…

  • http://www.lostnomad.org/ Nomad

    Hmmm…I’m wondering how Herr Koehler found this article ;).

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  • http://rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    Sucks having a Kraut name sometimes :)

  • Breaktrack

    I’m a mongrel and proud of it! I was with my ex (who is Korean) back home sometime ago now and we were walking through a shopping mall when some Asian dude (sorry to distinguish race, but he was Asian after all) gave us both a dirty look and stared at us. I mean this was the kind of look that was filled with something other than kindness. Not one to take crap, I asked him in a stern, yet still respectful way, if he had a problem. Some of you know the voice I mean. Kinda like the old sergent or warrent who treats you like a nieve little kid when you first join a/the unit. Anyway, the guy just looked away quickly and went on his way with nothing said. I personally don’t care if “they” don’t like it, they can kiss my @*#!

  • http://jalanasia-afrika.blogspot.com/ aaronm

    The mark of the beast is upon it,

    Hat tip to SFer KJY for the link.

    SFer refers to a member of the stormfront.org website.

    Must be said though, Matt is pretty fond of using sources from the Japanese nationalist right on his website. The before and after Japanese colonialisation pics of Seoul and ‘dirty, diseased and depraved Koreans’ seemed to have come from a similar ideological bed to the crud you’ve linked to here.

  • besottedtom

    Well shave my head and stick white laces in my Docs.
    These clowns scare me. And like jdog2050 I went to the home page, then started reading some of the comments. I am not big on the whole “political correctness” thing, but these guys are probably a very good argument on why it even exists.

  • jdog2050

    You know what I’ve just noticed? We’ve got quite the little website forum war going on, but I don’t think the guys at that site even notice we’re all basically coming from the same place.

    I just posted this…it’s so fun hitting this jackasses in the face with logic–


    I am also, like you, of mixed heritage, Scottish, African, and Native American to be exact; and have also formed a society–Scafrinatican’s for the Preservation of Scafrinatican History; otherwise known as SftPSoH. Perhaps our groups can work towards a mutual goal. Creating a hybrid, ultra race of Scafrinatigerafisimans. I believe our blood lines will create a telekinetic demi-god capable of creating entire universes.

    Anyway, @guessedworker, I guess that wonderful euro bloodline did not give you the magical ability to see the point of other people’s arguments. Again, I fucking live in Korea. And again, the ills of any other society exist here. But because of the northeast asian tendency towards discreetness, you simply do not see it. So, has their pure, hermetic Korean bloodline allowed them to escape any of the problems the rest of us humans face? No. It’s quite the social study here–did you know that Koreans are the most homogenous, i.e., “pure” people on Earth? And yet, the same fucked up shit goes on here as on the rest of the planet.

    And did you even just bring up Lagos and Africa in General? I’m sure I wouldn’t last in Lagos…or Russia, or the balkans in the 90’s. Poor people are fucking violent, what is your point?”

  • http://www.thewilliamg.com The_William_G

    Oh, no wonder that felt so disgusting…it really is some sort of quasi-aryan site disgused as “reason”.

    Bigot scum like this always disguise their crap as “reason”.

  • http://www.dprkstudies.org/ Richardson

    Nice, jdog2050. I’ve replied to you there.

    I’m actually English/Irish, with a bit of German/Native American, but could not resist rattling the cage at the nutjob website.

    My kids, however, will be half Korean.

  • http://www.dprkstudies.org/ Richardson

    Bigot scum like this always disguise their crap as “reason”.


  • cm

    That’s nothing. It’s just one of thousands on the internet espousing racial segregation, racial war, and racial eugenics.

    It’s far more effective in reaching the masses by appearing reasonable (backed by selective facts and half truths) than to be outrightly violent and blunt.

    Here’s one perfect example of what I’m talking about.


    These guys would be dismissed as kooks if they just came out and said what their real agenda is. But they don’t. They are clever enough to sound reasonable and persuasive to people who otherwise might be turned off by racial violence.

  • slim

    A Fighting 44 eye for the white guy.

    The best contribution these skinheads posing as intellectuals can make to “EGI” is to avoid procreating, as a starter, and then, ideally, die. In the interest of karma, I nominate them for a slow and painful demise from a deadly STD after rough prison sex at the hands of mixed race gangs.

  • jdog2050

    lol, hey richardson, I actually am scottish/native american/black. And if you go back there, it definitely looks like we’ve brought out the worst in them, which is definitely easy considering the clientele of this site.

    Anyway, these guys are as useless and sad to me as World of Warcraft players who don’t stop playing or Fundy Christians who feel the need to SAVE THE EARTH FROM THE COMING APOCALCATASTROLOCYLYPSE. They have a need to feel, well, *needed*, and devote a ridiculous amount of energy in basically being in other people’s business.

  • pawikirogi

    what’s so funny about all this is the bigots at that site are actually attacking a fellow bigot. it’s like a bigot war with both sides as racist as they can be. they tell lies. matt tells lies. they hate anybody who isn’t white. matt hates anybody who’s korean. they lie by ommision. matt lies by omision*. i say, let’s have them go at it a la clan vs clan. should be a good show.

    *for good examples of how matt lies by omision, see the site ‘popular gusts..’ located at the sidebar. look up the post in which the blogger literally rips to shreads matt’s attempt to justify the japanese colinization of korea. the post is long but well researched. btw, matt has yet to counter the man at ‘popular gusts’. in fact, all he could say to mr popular was this: ‘i wasn’t trying to justify japanese colonization.’ how pathetic.

    matt’s strategy in regards to the post is time. time enough for people to forget what mr popular wrote. but do not worry, matt. i’ll always be here to remind fair-minded folks about that post. ya hear? don’t you worry, massa* matt; i’z** here to help!

    *massa = master

    **i’z = i’m

    both words mimic imagined black slave accents.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    pawikirogi, you really are barking up the wrong tree. Do I need to ‘speak’ slowly for you to make that clear? I. a.m. n.o.t. w.h.i.t.e., a.n.d. m.y. s.o.n. i.s. h.a.l.f. K.o.r.e.a.n. Get it?

  • SomeguyinKorea

    jdog, I’m a bit of a mutt myself. I guess you could say that when I’m not just some guy in Korea, I’m an interracialist. 😉

  • SomeguyinKorea

    darn it. I’m a bit of a mutt, too.

    I guess my fingers are faster than my brain. :)

  • http://www.occidentalism.org shakuhachi

    Boohoo, nulji (pawikirogi). Life sure must be hard for a Korean nationalist that doesn’t live in his beloved homeland. You don’t speak Korean either, correct?

  • http://orientem.blogspot.com/ The Western Confucian

    Sure, the site is pretty vile, but what term other than “leftist bigot” could describe a “despoiler of Korean maidenhood” who insists that “Korea will join the 21st century on the issue of inter racial dating.”

    Cultural imperialism, anyone?

    A while back there was a story─perhaps reported on here─about a Korean female visiting scholar in America who saw it as her duty to educate Americans on how the rest of the world sees things.

    My reaction to both stories was the same.

    Sure, there might be a few dirty looks or words exchanged─I’ve gotten the same from White women back in America and brushed them off─but in much of the world they’d have you upside down with f**king forks up your @sses.

    Trying to take a Korean girl to a love hotel does not make one the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., nor do dirty looks or words exchanged give one much-coveted victim status.

    That said, any such problems that may occur here while courting a Korean lass can generally be avoided by using a little discretion: avoid low class bars, don’t engage in public displays of affection, dress respectfully, etc.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    “don’t engage in public displays of affection”

    You must be joking. Like what? Talking with my wife? Walking with out son? Sitting together for dinner? All those have gotten strange looks, and even verbally abused. Sorry, but you really need to walk in my shoes for an afternoon instead of arguing that my family and I brought this sort of abuse on to ourselves by acting improperly in public.

  • Hans Castorp

    Cultural imperialism, anyone?

    Yes, we should never judge other cultures, even if they practice suttee, child sacrifice, female circumcision or harassment of mixed-race couples …

  • Fantasy

    The Western Confucian said:

    “That said, any such problems that may occur here while courting a Korean lass can generally be avoided by using a little discretion: avoid low class bars, don’t engage in public displays of affection, dress respectfully, etc.”

    I’m sorry to have to say so – but, without going into detail, th above statement is obvious nonsense.

  • http://orientem.blogspot.com/ The Western Confucian

    Mr. Castorp,

    Culturl imperialism does not refer to judging other cultures, but to imposing one’s standards on them, this idea that “Korea will join the 21st century” on whatever issue.


    It worked for me while I was courting my wife. Sure, it’s not a foolproof method. The idea is to be self-effacing, which is not big in the West.

  • Herod

    It’s more a question of what the Korean lass looks like than what affection the foreigner shows her. The better she looks, the greater the xenophobic outrage, even if you’re walking a yard apart.

  • http://orientem.blogspot.com/ The Western Confucian


    I didn’t mean for overlooking your comments. You said you were not white. We all know that folks of African or South/Southeast Asian ancestry have it harder here. My comments had white folks in mind. Sorry. My wife, kids, and I have never had one bad experience in ten years. Maybe it’s because I’ve always lived in Korea’s best region: Yeongnam.


    I think you have a point; although I would say it depends on how she dresses. If she’s dresses like a whore, she’ll be treated like one. [From my experience, this is what many of my countrymen find attractive these days.] If she dresses like a lady, she’ll be treated like a lady.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    “We all know that folks of African or South/Southeast Asian ancestry have it harder here.”

    I am neither.

  • judge judy

    It’s more a question of what the Korean lass looks like than what affection the foreigner shows her. The better she looks, the greater the xenophobic outrage

    hooey! by that line of reasoning not having problems would mean your lady’s a dog. you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who believes that.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    Let me add that I’m generally mistaken as being white here (despite the fact that I’m darker skinned than most Koreans). I can’t say that I blame them. They have little experience in dealing with people of my kind.

  • jdog2050


    I think the guy’s comment on Koreans joining the 21st century was just a bit of a waigook in-joke that the other website didn’t get at all. I think the guy who wrote it could really care less about somehow “spreading his seed” among the koreans. And that is what makes this so ridiculous, and funny, and ultimately sad. The people at the majority rights group see this ONE FUCKING GUY as somehow starting his own genetic engineering program.

    Again, to me, the guys arguing on that site might as well be rolling d20’s and saving the world from Dragon’s.

  • pawikirogi

    don’t you worry, matt; i’ll always be here reminding people of mr popular’s rebuttal to your sorry attempt to justify japan’s occupation of korea. wanna know why? because the post not only rebutts your suggestion that korea deserved to be colonized, it also exposes you to be a liar.

    if mr popular decides one day to shut down his blog, i hope he’ll archive that post somewhere on the web so that it can always be referenced against people like you, matt.

  • Maddlew

    We are always going to be confronted with confused people who try to convince others of something they don’t yet have faith in themselves. If they succeed they will feel less insecure.
    Hybrid-vigor has been known and understood by farmers for over a century. If anyone doubts that mixing the gene-pool is a good thing meander down to Brasil and see the most beautiful, healthy, happy people in the world. They are poor for the most part but intelligent and beaming and racially from every corner of the globe.
    There is also a thing called self-volition. Nobody can tell you the road to take because they don’t know the road you’ve been on. Anyone who tries to sway you with a measure of vehemence is just a chunk of cholesterol in the arteries of life.

  • lirelou

    Maddlew, Yes wander on down to Brazil. And notice that distribution of wealth follows the colour line. That said, your point on hybridization is a good one. I believe that Goa would be a more successful model, in that the hybridization produced a culture that captured the best of two progenitor cultures. Thus, when the break came (with India’s 1961 invasion), the Goans fit into India very nicely. On the other hand, farmers also understand the benefits of selective breeding, a concept that when applied to humans, leaves us with 1937-45 and all that. And web sites like the one being criticized here.

  • Maddlew

    Farmers are swayed by many factors including trying to breed an animal for strictly superfluous reasons and, as in any occupation, there are farmers who are jack-offs.
    Watch “Bullworth”. I think the point is made quite well. “A voluntary, open-ended program of racial deconstruction,” or something like that.
    Imagine a world without scape-goatism. Everyone taking resposibility for their own f-ups.

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  • Origami

    They are having some seriously problems with 3rd world population in Europe.

    I would say in 50 years, whites will become a minority in Western Europe as well as in U.S.

  • gbevers

    I would say in 50 years, whites will become a minority in Western Europe as well as in U.S.

    Hopefully, in 50 years, it won’t matter.

  • jdog2050

    @origami: So what? That’s the crass question that pretty much defeats every argument from websites like this.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    Begging the question, appeals to authority, ad hominem attacks…these guys sure love their logical fallacies. What do you think? Highschool students or university freshmen?

  • pawikirogi

    i apologize; it’s not ‘popular gusts of feeling’, it’s ‘gusts of popular feeling’. my bad. it won’t happen again.

  • Hans Castorp

    They are having some seriously problems with 3rd world population in Europe.

    Speaking as someone who actually lives in Europe, let me ask you how exactly you know this? Don’t try to pass off your uninformed prejudices on here as reality.

  • Fantasy

    They are having some seriously problems with 3rd world population in Europe.

    Speaking as someone who actually lives in Europe, let me ask you how exactly you know this? Don’t try to pass off your uninformed prejudices on here as reality.

    Well, I live in Europe, as well, most of the time anyway. I think the problem here is mostly with Muslims who are unable to integrate into society due to their beliefs, whether they are a “3rd world population” or not.

  • besottedtom

    They are having some seriously problems with 3rd world population in Europe

    This is where economics and population come in. It’s true that the birthrate in Europe is slowing. When that happens, you have less workforce. In come the poorer countries with higher birthrates to do those jobs. It’s part of a natural progression which has probably been sped up by globalization. Richer countries have less children because they do not need the “group” to work just to survive. A single person in Europe or North America can support themselves and two or three others with the right job. Go to a poorer country tho, and you need 4 or 5 people all doing thier part for the whole group to survive, and just barely.

    I would say in 50 years, whites will become a minority in Western Europe as well as in U.S.
    I wish I could find the place I read about this. Certain “experts”(?) are saying that between 2020 and 2030 whites will be the minority in America. This doesn’t bother me. I don’t think humanity as a race can evolve without certain cultural (which can lead to genetic) mixing.

  • besottedtom

    Im such a n00b. you can tell by my messed up quote attempt

  • Maddlew

    Hopefully in a century races will become a minority outside of Scafrinaticans or some other ultra-combo. It would be sad to lose the culture but perhaps we could have holidays in which we celebrate heritage worldwide of one group or another. We could all benefit and look at the legacy of hatred we could diminish.

  • lirelou

    From an American perspective, it is irrelevant whether in 50 years or so whites are a minority or not. What is relevant is that the societal values that make America what it is have survived and been passed on. Certainly the gene pool of the great majority of American whites will still be around, though no longer instantly recognizable to our forebears. How many of our Spanish, Portuguese, Huguenot, Acadian, English, Dutch, Scotch, Irish, Cherokee, Choctaw, or African (just to mention a few American contributory strains) forebears would recognize us? But we are their descendants, however we have morphed, and whatever the tone of our skin. How many of them would have felt an affinity with the rainbow of other Americans who make up what constitutes the country of our pride and exasperation?

    Race is irrelevant. It is the (Greco-Roman-Western European-American/Australian/Canadian/Kiwi)culture that counts, and culture is learned, not inherited.

  • jdog2050

    LMAO!!! I’m now banned from their site.

    It’s funny, because I posed the ultimate question to them. Since males can be shown to be the aggressors of most acts of violence throughout history, isn’t it in the genetic interest of women to eliminate all men, and start their own colony based on invitro fertilization?

    ??? Well, isn’t it? I guess they couldn’t take that. Here was my response, if you care–

    “No, interracialist and I aren’t the same

    @anonymous who actually responded–

    So, I guess invitro-fertilization, which I was hoping you could easily guess I was alluding to, doesn’t exist? You say that crime and violence are proximate interests, and yet, I’ve seen in this thread, multiple times, this idea that blacks aren’t worth, ehem, “mating” with because we’re just so gosh-darned violent.

    I think you said it best. Starting a single sex colony is a silly idea. It’s possible, but it’s fucking stupid. No one cares enough to do anything like that.

    By “care” I don’t mean, myspace-“whatever”, I mean, normal humans, on a day to day basis, do not look at each other in terms of mating for good spatial awareness, high testosterone, etc, although at some subconcious level it certainly does…there is no “intent”. There is no purposeful dissolution of the white race. There is no cause for alarm.

    Except for a few earlier comments (which were purposeful trolling), no one made a mockery of this blog, this blog made a mockery of itself, especially after Al Ross and some others quickly showed that sincere questions get met with hails of “niggers suck”.”

  • SomeguyinKorea

    Jdog, I (Interracialist)can still post, so I’m not sure they really banned you or not.

  • Maddlew

    I have just a few more things to say on this subject. We as human beings are limited enough as it is. Why would we choose to put more restrictions on ourselves. My finances certainly restrict any immediate gratification on my whims. I can’t fly nor am I adept at mental telepathy. My job is sometimes drudgery and my commute is arduous.
    Yet, I consider myself the luckiest man I know. I have a Mongolian wife who speaks several languages, is sixteen years younger than me and has experienced things that I can only imagine. She has a daughter from a previous marriage and far from being a nuisance she is part of the dowry that my wife brings. The differences in our culture and upbringing allow us both to share so much that is unique and exciting.
    If I had never come here I would be oblivious to what I was missing. I was married once before to a Japanese-American but she was still just an American. What makes this so rich is the diversity of what we both bring to it.
    I have never been happier. Even when I was a teenager and I discovered that a beautiful woman would be willing to share intimacy, a moment that changed my life, even then I wasn’t this happy.
    When people quit worrying about the insignificant and realize how lush life can be when they unpack that bag of fear, I think drug-makers will cry but the world will sing.