Alcoholic CEOs or PR Gone Horribly Wrong?

I have not idea how this ever came up, or how they got the information, but the Korea Times presents the drinking habits of some the CEOs of the top liquor companies Korea.

You know I would have much less faith my company,as either a worker on investor, if I knew my CEO drinks 3-4 bottles of soju each day (and it was once 5-6 before an operation). Granted a man could get used to the hang overs, but still the toll that must take on his physical and mental condition must be rough.

For everyone’s sake I hope this is a combination of over-eager and dim witted PR personal and an equally addled reporter.

  • baduk

    They are under much pressure from politicians and gangsters. They also have to show they are the biggest consumers of their products. It will look odd if they do not partake their own evil, while pushing it to young women and school-age children.

    Merchants of evil, they are.

    They lie a lot. They put some sugar into industrial alcohol to produce soju. Then, they advertize that their product has gone through seven layers of carbon filter. BS. It is industrial alcohol from the US, diluted before adding sugar and salt.

  • michael

    It’s more like typical KT–the staff there are from the old ajossi “drinking culture” and see no link between alcohol and job performance, and you can see the results of that on every page of their rag.

    Last presidential election, KT ran bios of Roh and Lee Joi-chang, I remember they said how much booze each one could handle, as if that were relevant (guess it is for the middle-aged lushes here).

    Baduk you’re right, soju is evil. Doesn’t stop me from drinking it though :)

  • Iceberg

    Forget about dumping chemicals into the Han River. Just pour a few bottles of soju down an ajushi’s throat and you’ve got your real-life ๊ดด๋ฌผ.

  • The_William_G

    …if I knew my CEO drinks 3-4 bottles of soju each day

    He’d make a great English teacher.

  • Wedge

    I used to know a brewer at OB. Every day the guy would put down 3 liters of brew during working hours.

    Last time I was in St. Louis I bullshat with the guy pouring free brew at A-B and he told me some good stories, like the one about the guy who’d carry a pipe around filled with 36 cans and would finish them by the end of the shift. MADD put an end to that stuff.

    Anyway, back to the topic–the main function of these guys, and top guys at non-bev companies as well, is to socialize with big customers. Juniors do the real work while they sleep it off on the office couch (or nearby sauna).

  • bluejives

    My pop, diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago, tumor size of a softball, stomach surgically removed, easily downs five 40 oz bottles of Olde English malt liquor in one setting. Tough old bastard is virtually indestructible. These CEOs cant hold a candle to my old man.

  • snow

    I think this is typical behavior at liquor companies. One of my students was a secretary at Jinro (? I forget, was a few years ago) and she said that whenever they went out for a meals, they had to order many bottles of the company’s product for display on the table and eventually, all would get downed. She was seriously concerned about her health at that point (she’d only been working there for a year).

    “easily downs five 40 oz bottles of Olde English malt liquor in one setting.”

    Five 40oz’ers? Ouch, he must be pissing constantly. What’s this Olde English stuff? I know some of the old guys in Northern Canada can also put away some serious booze, though most seem to prefer whisky.

  • bluejives

    Whatโ€™s this Olde English stuff?

    Obviously, you didnt grow up in the ghettos of NY.

  • LivingnKorea

    Wedge is spot on. All CEO’s on on the same program. A senior guy in my company who is the top drinker (as all good sales guys need to be) had stomach cancer as well. Had surgery and was right back at it.

  • Dram_man

    Whatโ€™s this Olde English stuff?

    Why only the second best malt liquor not promoted by Billy Dee Williams. St. Ides has a special place for me.

  • dogbertt

    No love for Colt 45? Mickey’s? Is there an East Coast/West Coast schism in fortified beverages as well?

  • Zonath

    Damn. I would think it’d be bad for business to have a CEO who’s dying of cirrhosis from the soju you sell. But then again, having a CEO or two die of heart disease didn’t seem to slow down Baskin-Robbins any.

    And of course, board meetings have got to be a kick. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  • NathanB

    Help! Sorry to be completely off topic. Robert, or anyone else familiar with XHTML, CSS, and WordPress blogs: I’ve started up a new blog on a non-Korea related subject, and have selected the WordPress theme “Anthurium Mix.” Unfortunately, this theme, and one other designed by the same designer, do not allow smooth blockquoting. What happens is that, following a blockquote, the left margin of the main text moves more to the left or the right. If another blockquote is added later, this exacerbates the problem, leading to multiple left hand margins, instead of just two, one for the main text, and one for the blockquoted text. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this problem?

  • Brendon Carr

    Nathan, it’s easier to diagnose HTML/CSS with a link to the actual site. Where’s your new blog?

    That said, it sounds as if you’re not closing your <blockquote> tags.

  • NathanB

    Hi Brendon,

    Yes, you’re right: the new blog is located at this page. There’s nothing much there now, but the test post, which replaced a full one, shows varying left-hand margins (they’re kind of hard to spot, but the more blockquotes are added, the worse they get). The strange thing is that if I switch to a different template, the margin problem clears up completely.

  • seouldout

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    Looking at the source I see this <blockquote><p>, but in standard HTML should be <p><blockquote>. Then you concluded your quote w/ </p></blockquote>, which is standard. Perhaps firefox handles the non-standard tagging a bit better.

  • NathanB

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    I can’t seem to get the editor on that blog to do what I wanted. I turned off the visual rich editor, and then wrote, deleting all spaces (i.e. breaks), between the lines. I republished the blog, and the problem remained. I looked at the source, and saw that I was left with a br tag where I wanted a p tag, and so still couldn’t write the post properly. I then changed the theme to “Dark Maple,” where the margin trouble completely goes away. I like the other theme more for that particular blog, though, and can’t figure out why it’s only that theme, Anthurium Mix, and one other by the same web designer, that seem to have this bug.

  • seouldout

    NathanB, as this isn’t about Korea or drunken CEOs we should take conversation over to your site. I just registered & will post there.

  • bluejives

    Robert, I would presume you’re an expert on homebrew makkoli by now. Please share the know-how.

  • yeolchae

    Two bottles of soju on a night out is not bad. I once drank 7 in the space of 12 hours and woke up on a beach somewhere. Not sure if I managed any business deals during it.

  • NathanB

    Yes, you’re right, Seouldout. Thank you for your investigative efforts.

    To Robert or anyone else with experience and knowledge of WordPress themes, Seouldout has been very helpful, but the problem still remains with the theme in use, and only with that theme (and one other designed by the same designer). If anyone else can assist me with tweaking the theme, please mosy on over to the link in the text of comment #15, above. I’ve left comments open at the new blog, in the hopes that someone can help me out.

  • Remort

    I fail to see the necessity of the Korean press to pry into these people’s personal lives. Nothing to see here, move along folks.

    It’d be interesting to see how much these so called journalists drink and visit brothels… or at least pry into their personal lives a bit. ๐Ÿ˜›


  • sewing

    I prefer to spread the love around between different distillers. Surprisingly, when you mix Baekseju, Soju, a bit of white wine (not too much), Seoljungmae (plum licquer), and St. Remy Napoleon brandy in a single session, the effects and hangover are much less nasty than what you get from a couple of soju boilermakers. (No, not my usual routine, but the consequences of a well-supplied wedding reception.)

  • littlebrownasian

    Damn. I would think itโ€™d be bad for business to have a CEO whoโ€™s dying of cirrhosis from the soju you sell…..

    Heh, not much different from David McLean and Wayne McLaren, two guys on the Marlboro commercial who died of lung cancer. =D

  • sanshinseon

    I prefer my soju with deodeok roots soaked in it for at least a few months… less toxic, healthier. Have a batch maturing in my office right now, in fact…