Deoksugung Palace

Had a meeting over at the Seoul City Council building yesterday. The building overlooks the Deoksugung Palace (see English material here), so you can get some pretty spectacular views of the palace, downtown Seoul and the northern mountains from the upper floors, as you might be able to gather from the photo below.  In summer, things can get quite green and lush.

  • NathanB

    That’s a fantastic picture. I used to work at a hagwon very close to Deoksugung, and I always regretted not being able to get a view of it from higher up.

  • Nomad

    Did you Photoshop those trees into the picture? The only green in Seoul is the scum on the Han river ;).

  • sanshinseon

    yup, a great shot… just too bad the sky wasn’t blue.

  • sewing

    I’m trying to figure out the angle of this picture. The City Council building is different, I presume, from City Hall, if the view is looking north-northwest (as appears to be the case)…and also different from the old Citizen’s Theatre or whatever it’s called across Taepyeongno (“Pacific Street”!) from City Hall, and whose tower appears to just be visible near the right-hand edge of the photo (or is that another building?)

    Anyhow, nice photo all the same. Looks like the Anglican cathedral in the right middleground? And what are those two older, grey buildings in the left midground behind the palace, though? I don’t recall seeing those buildings when I did the requisite palace tour a few years ago….

  • sewing

    Ah, were you in the 서울시 의회 별관 (Seoul City Council Annex)? …As opposed to the 서울시 의회, the building I mentioned before that’s further north and the site of various historic events over the course of the 20th century….

  • slim

    Is that any relation to Toksugung?

  • GI Korea

    That is first aerial shot of the palace I seen. Great picture.

  • whitey

    I teach a class in the evenings at the City Hall Annex building, on the 12th floor. This is the view I have.

    Nice photo. I’ll e-mail it back home to the family to give them a better idea of Seoul. Thanks.

  • gaemee

    “Is that any relation to Toksugung?”

    Yes,it’s the same place, like Busan/Pusan.