Koreans robbed by crappy officiating

NOTE: Don’t forget the updates at the bottom of this post.

If you didn’t catch the game last night, it wasn’t hard to tell the result this morning. The surreal quiet. The lack of footie on TV. To blatantly rip off The Guardian, it was just a couple of deranged, flesh-eating Red Devils away from being “28 Days Later.”

Yes, Korea went down 2-nil to the devious, chocolate-eating, clock-making Swiss. Yes, Korea—for once—was on the bad end of a controversial call. And yes, the bitching has begun.

According to My Daily, furious Korean netizens are venting their rage at the officiating, claiming their team had to fight “11 men to 14.” From awarding the Swiss free kicks on legitimate challenges, closing their eyes to Swiss handling and, of course, awarding the Swiss a goal on what appeared to some an offsides, it was clear the refs were out to get Korea.

One netizen said, “It wasn’t that Korea couldn’t win, it was that the pro-Swiss referee played too well. Even if we brought in Beckham, Ronaldinho and Henry, we wouldn’t have been able to beat that ref.”

JoyNews has more of the netizen outrage, this time posted on the FIFA homepage’s chatting service.

Then there was the Herald SaengSaeng News, which started its article on the match thusly:

Our worries have turned into reality. French coach Raymond Domenech’s claim that the Swiss were the beneficiary of bad calls was right. During the Korea match, the biased officiating seemed several times worse. Because of that, rumors are going around like clear fact that the refs have an eye on FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who is Swiss-born and gives out their game bonuses.

But lest you believe it’s just the media and netizens who are upset, it’s not. Korean captain goalkeeper Lee Woon-jae expressed regret that the state of international officiating was such. Lee Chun-soo, of course, bitched about the call, saying, “That goal played a big role in our defeat. From next time, we’ll play with that call in mind.” Lee Young-pyo, even while accepting the day’s results, said, “When the referee goes home and watches the game again, he’ll feel his own mistake.” Cha Du-ri, who was left off the 2006 squad and was relegated to commentary duties with MBC, called the game a “scam” and said, “The players are sweating and working hard on the pitch. It’s unfortunate that all their work will come to nothing because of the ref’s decision.”

Reuters has a piece on South Korea’s angry footballers as well.

For what it’s worth, even the fondue-eaters say they were lucky. And Park Ji-sung, even while saying that some of the officiating was a bit vague, admitted that the referee’s decisions are part of the game.

Oh, and My Daily is reporting that a Swiss fan threw a sharp plastic cup at a Korean girl during the Fan Fest Hanover street party. The cup hit the girl in the face, opening a 3cm cut. Her fellow Korea fans pointed out the young man to security, claiming that even before the flying cup, he’d been provoking the Korean fans. The young man, meanwhile, denies involvement. The Koreans plan to charge the man with assault.

You know, just to play peacemaker, I should point out that Korea and Switzerland have much in common, being mountainous nations surrounded by large neighbors. Oh, and they both eat dog.

UPDATE: My Daily are a bunch of hit whores (which, as a blogger, I can appreciate). Now they run a piece on, and this is the headline, folks, “Korea’s cruel history of bad calls.” That history, by the way, apparently began in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, where Korea apparently got screwed in a match against Italy. This was followed by another screwing against Uruguay in 1990 in Italy.

UPDATE 2: Now the Helvetian embassy’s homepage is apparently being flooded with angry posts by pissed-off Korean netizens who are angry not only at the officiating, but also because of the girl who got beaned by the cup (see above), a story that was getting a surprising amount of play here. Or it least the homepage would be getting flooded by angry netizens, if said homepage had a bulletin board. Instead, netizens are venting their frustrations on the bulletin board of the Korean embassy in Switzerland. Netizens have also hit the Swiss tourism agency’s Korean homepage, and according to GoNews, there are signs that “anti-Swiss sentiment” (you read that correctly) could explode at the slightest provocation.

Run, fondue eaters! Run for your lives!


(Note: I knew one Swiss guy who is teaching English at a university in Seoul. Real nice guy and a man who knows his profession. Feel kind of bad for him, as no doubt his students will be rather dour on Monday)

Anyway, an employee of one trading firm doing business with Switzerland worried of an anti-Swiss backlash as a result of the game.

And yes, police arrested—but did not hold—a 44-year-old man who threatened by phone to blow up the Swiss embassy following the match.

One netizen did call for calm, however, noting that the assault on the girl had to be investigated, and the protests about the officiating needed to be directed at FIFA, not the Swiss. No word on where the protests about the officiating in 2002 should be directed.

UPDATE 2: More netizen stupidity, this time in the form of an online campaign to get a rematch (reported by Yonhap).  One netizen has written a post in which he claims that if 5 million people write protest posts to FIFA, a rematch would be possible.  He included a link (which, as of the writing of this post, was not working) along with some English phrases to use (see also this page, with its extremely creative use of the English language).

The message spread like wildfire across Korean cyberspace, and the resulting flood of traffic temporarily brought down both the FIFA and Korean Football Association (KFA) homepages.

Unfortunately for netizens, the KFA explained that there is no FIFA regulation about “5 million protests,” and that rematches are possible only in extreme situations such as natural disasters.  There was a rematch after a clearly mistaken call during a Bahrain-UAE match in September, but the KFA believes that case to be different from Korea’s.  Accordingly, the KFA has no plans to demand a rematch.

  • iheartblueballs

    Ring the bell. Watch the rabid dog salivate. Rinse. Repeat. Pavlov didn’t need dogs, he needed Dae Han Min Guk.

    So the search continues for a mature, reasonable, adult reaction to a Korean failure at an international sporting event. Nary a one to be found. Plenty of scapegoats and self-styled victims to go around though.

    The big-nose critics keep on chirping about Korean immaturity, childishness, hypocrisy, and infantile whining….and the Korean media, public, and a majority of its athletes keep on proving them right.

  • http://rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    You know, that’s a rather disconcerting gravatar, blueballs. I should say I like Jing’s a whole lot more.

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk

    Korean team could not match Swiss in terms of speed, passing ability and goal scoring ability.

    Swiss was the better team than Korea. Therefore, Korea lost. That is a fair outcome.

    I am glad that the better team has won. Swiss team was also as clean playing team as Korean team was. And, I am proud that Koreans did not hurt anyone in these games, use any dirty tactics, or bribe any officials (Swiss may have done this, 50-50 chance).

    Good soccer games. Lost to the better teams. No shame in that.

  • http://www.aboutjoel.com/blog 조엘

    I’m going to change my gravatar to a picture of my hairy ass.

  • iheartblueballs

    You’d be surprised how hard it is to find a good visual representation of blue balls. The best part is, gravatar.com rated it PG! My kind of censors.

  • iheartblueballs

    I’m going to change my gravatar to a picture of my hairy ass.

    Joel, I recently saw 3 such pictures on your blog. Mysteriously, they got successively thinner as I scrolled down.

    ..or bribe any officials (Swiss may have done this, 50-50 chance)

    How generous of you baduk, giving the Swiss only a 50% chance of paying off the officials. For comparisons sake, what was your calculation of the chances that Korea bribed officials in 2002? Even insane ranting needs a reference point.

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk

    This is how Koreans feel about this world cup, “잘싸웠다 태극전사 우린참 행복했습니다 ”
    Brave fighting, Korean warriors. We have been happy (because of you).

    See, Koreans are very mature people. And, we (I am a KoreanAmerican, so include me) know how to enjoy the soccer game in the right way.

  • http://lostnomad.blogs.com/ Nomad


    Please don’t.

  • Mizar5

    Whining about being cheated…how unpredictable…

  • Mizar5

    Oh yes, Baduk, Koreans are very mature people. All day long they’ve been playing reruns of Japan losing and Korea’s wins and draws – including the one that should have been scored a win for France. How mature.

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  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk


    Same. 50-50.

    Of course, Koreans entertain these officials better than Germans. Koreans welcome foreigners, all the more so if they are important people, like soccer refrees.

    In terms of actual payoffs…hard to say, but my guess is 50-50.

    Are you saying that there is absolutely no chance the referee was less than honest?

    Koreans, as a group, are more honest and decent people than you think. However, just like anybody else, you will remember only bad Koreans. It takes ten good Koreans to erase what one bad Korean has done to you. Even then, some people have selected memory. Or, they need an object for their anger,which stems from hormonal imbalance.

  • iheartblueballs

    See, Koreans are very mature people. And, we (I am a KoreanAmerican, so include me) know how to enjoy the soccer game in the right way.

    Aparently some mature Koreans also know how to threaten to blow up the Swiss embassy in the right way as well.


  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk

    That was funny. I guess every country has a problem child.

    Actually, Korea and Switzland need to be in bad terms. Too many Korean politicians are hiding their assets in Swiss banks. Swiss banks should freeze those accounts and hand them over to US as possible terrorist money.

    NK is a terrorist country and many present Korean politicians are pro-NK. They are like Taliban and the money should be confiscated by the US homeland security.

    Swiss banks should freeze these accounts!

  • grrl

    Of course there is no mention of how a bad call allowed them to beat Italy in the last World Cup. It’s only unfair when Korea is “victimized”.

  • tash

    Poor blog. You could have researched a bit more. All sports commentators are agreed that the ref made a GOOD call in overruling his linesman >> the Swiss guy was not offside as the ball was deflected off a Korean. No possible argument there > see video replay! Most write-ups have actually praised the fact that the refereeing was better than normal. Guardian called it “rare inspired refereeing”.

    And what about the fact that the Koreans in reality LOST to France, and didn’t deserve to even get 4 points >> ‘FIFA president Sepp Blatter will push ahead with the introduction of goal-line technology after admitting that France had a legitimate goal denied to them in their last match. “One of the teams was not affected as they qualified at the top of their group but the other one was France who drew with South Korea and I do not think we can have these big errors.” ‘

    And the Korean coach himself? >> BBC ‘South Korea coach Dick Advocaat admitted his side lacked the quality to overcome Switzerland in their decisive 2-0 defeat in Hanover… “we were just not good enough in the end” ‘

    Thought you could have reported this much better than “Koreans robbed by crappy officiating” when the opposite was in fact the case .. “world spared Korean gloating by superb officiating”. You could have checked out a few more opinions!

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk


    Italian soccer team is one of the dirtiest teams in the world. Just look at what they did to Brian McBride. Italy plays dirty.

    If Korea bribe the official in that game, I don’t feel too bad.

  • http://sun-bin.blogspot.com sunbin

    the italian do not deserve any sympathy. :)

    anyway, here is my tribute to the korean (and japanese) fans

  • Sugar Shin

    Korean players should shut up and stop the sissy whining. We lost, so show some sportsmanship to the winner. Bad calls (especially imagined ones by the Korean side) are part of the football game.

    Although I don’t share ihurtmyballs stereotype generalization of all Koreans. Guess you’re feeling comfortable in your small binary world? Koreans are this and Koreans are that, blahblahblah… that sounds infantile, childish and immature to me, lil’ blue punk.

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk


    Why are you in Korea? Go live somewhere else. Your sanity is more important than money.

    See how your hate of Koreans is changing you. Go live with some people you love.

  • grrl


    You claim in one post how Koreans are more honest than others, then praise them if they cheat?

    If bad calls against supposedly dirty players are okay then let’s call this payback.

  • http://www.radicalcontrapositions.com/radmodblog/index.php Joseph Steinberg

    Does this mean Advocaat isn’ t going to get endless contracts just to gesticulate wildly on South Korean product commercials? Hiddink’s monopoly is assured for another four years!

  • http://rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    tash—You haven’t read this blog very long, have you? I’m just summarizing the Korean press reports. Most people here know I don’t sympathise very much with the Korean press whining about perceived bad calls. Of perhaps it’s better to say I find it “ironic.” In fact, I expect the opposite complaint—that my post makes Koreans look like whiny babies, but then again, I can’t be held responsible for what the Korean online press writes.

  • Wedge

    Marmot: I’m assuming that’s a satirical headline.

    I’m with Tash on this one. It was a good call. A Korean player kicked the ball to the Swiss guy, therefore no offsides. It was analogous to an own goal. If a Swiss guy had played it to the scorer, then it would’ve been offsides. The ref should be complimented.

    Of course, it’s much easier to blame foreigners for your own shortcomings.

  • http://rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    Marmot: I’m assuming that’s a satirical headline.

    I think you can assume correctly.

  • mook

    Damn. Seems the Korean media are getting ready to churn out the victimization stories and subject us all to another four years of bullshit. Kim Hyun-cheol at the Korea Times is already running this piece: “Korean Campaign Ends in Loss Marred by Disputable Call”.

    Just when you want to show some grace and good sportsmanship and not rub it in that they lost they come begging for a healthy dose of reality. I guess they’ve forgotten Korea almost didn’t even qualify for the round of 32?

    “Lee Woon-jae expressed regret that the state of international officiating was such. Lee Chun-soo, of course, bitched about the call, saying, “That goal played a big role in our defeat.””

    Yup that and the first goal and the fact your team didn’t beat France or soundly beat Togo, who were a man short due to some questionable calls. And isn’t Lee Woon-jae the guy who bragged Korea would win all three games and coast through easily? Didn’t these guys mouth off about ‘knowing how to handle African teams’ before Ghana stunned them? These guys should just keep quiet and show some respect whether they’re winning or losing.

    And who gives a shit what these netizens say – suck up the reality, grow up and better luck next time.

  • pawikirogi

    four years ago, people said that korea only won games because they had the home team advantage. four years ago, people said that korea wouldn’t even win one game in the current wc. The koreans have met my expectations. they can go home heroes.


    ‘iheartblueballs in his own lil world…’ Sugar Shin

    the car industry employs quite a few psychologist. with regards to big trucks, they asked the shrinks this question: who is the most likely person to buy a big truck. they answered it would be a guy who has issues with himself. he doesn’t know if he’s respected.

    anyway, one day, i see this guy driving this humungous truck and i knew instantly that that guy was the guy the psychologist were talking about. you see, the dude actually had a fake scrotum attached to the botton of his monster mobile. i wondered, who in the world would buy a fake scrotum?

    who, indeed.

  • iheartblueballs


  • Wedge

    Robert: The “satirical” remark was to show I didn’t agree with Tash’s remarks on your editorial perspective. Keep up the good work.

  • Wedge

    I’m sure the Swiss are quaking in their boots at these netizen attacks. This misguided attention they are getting reminds me of the protests at the Uruguayan embassy by Korean farmers who were against the “Uruguay Round” of trade talks. Poor bastards didn’t even see it coming.

  • Brendon Carr

    I’m going to change my gravatar to a picture of my hairy ass.

    Joel, can you change it to a picture of her hairy ass? That would be a delight.

  • seouldout

    Purportedly 5000 years of civilization and they still behave like 12-year olds. Oh please let them run wild with this and take the buffoonery to new heights. Let the world see them as they genuinely are.

    Baduk: “That (bomb threat) was funny. I guess every country has a problem child.”

    And every world has a problem country.

  • sid

    I don’t think these netizens are doing anything different to most football fans when their team gets knocked out:

    Stage 1 (0-12 hours) “We was Robbed” Their goal was offside/handball/didn’t cross the line; ref gave us nothing all game; the powers-that-be wanted the other team to go through etc. etc.

    Stage 2 (1-7 days) “We Screwed Up” Coach got the tactics and/or selection wrong; why did he take off so-and-so; wasn’t so-and-so stupid for giving away that freekick/getting sent off; why did we sit back in the second half; so-and-so went missing when we needed him most etc. etc.

    Stage 3 (1-3 weeks) “We’re just not Good Enough”
    Bosses haven’t done proper long-term planning for success; why do they keep chopping and changing the coaches; domestic league is not strong enough; too many of our players lack the technical ability to play at the top level etc etc.

  • gbevers

    As I said in another post, it is about time the Swiss got on Koreans’ hate list. I can remember when they used to be number one on Koreans’ love list.

  • mcnut

    yes threatening to blow up the swiss embassy certainly takes the prize for idiot of the day

    i have to say that koreans make a real good name for themselves!!!

    they are their own worst enemy

    its sad that koreans can not be good sports when they lose and its also sad that they cant be good sports when they win

    good call on the 2002 referee investigations not being mentioned by the koreans!

    its funny because the referee in the italy game in 02 was found to be on the take in other matches somewhere in south america

  • Zonath

    Thank god another country besides America and Japan is feeling the brunt of the netijen hate… Nevermind the fact that the ref wasn’t from Switzerland.

    At any rate, the South Korean team and their fans should be happy… They scored their first victory in a WC tournament match away from home soil, held France to a 1-1 tie (regardless of referees’ decisions), and ended up with a 1-1-1 record, which might have been enough to go forward had the French not beaten Togo. I only wish team USA could have gotten a record like that in this WC.

    I’m pretty sure that, except for the hardcore ‘hate everyone but uri nara’ group, the SK soccer fans will come aroud to seeing the good side of things… they got a respectible result in a tough group.

  • McSnack

    Next time the topic comes up with an angry Reds fan, and, you feel it worth the headache, ask the person you’re with if they are familiar with the English turns of phrase “What comes around, goes around,””Life’s a bitch, deal with it,” “Turn that frown upside, you silly goose” or whatever. We can make lemonade out of these lemons and turn it into a Hub-directed learning experiece. Let’s Level Up English!

    Will this mean the fundue restaurants in Seoul will lower their prices?

  • Haisan

    > Thank god another country besides America and Japan
    > is feeling the brunt of the netijen hate…
    > Nevermind the fact that the ref wasn’t from Switzerland.

    I’m sure Apollo Anton Ono finds this very ironic, too…. Such is the fun of nationalism, not just in Korea but wherever it occurs.

  • montclaire

    Re Ohno: The Korean media in general is no more interested in enlightening the public about the rules of soccer than it was in 2002 about the rules of speed skating, so most Koreans will go on believing a) that Frei was offside and b) that the world shares Korea’s indignation. Mind you, when they couldn’t claim bad calls after the WBC baseball defeat, they angrily claimed that the rules themselves (regarding qualification to the next round) were unfair to Korea! The key word then as now was 억울하다.
    But let’s not tar everyone with the same brush. There are a lot of sensible Korean netizens making the obvious point – on which everyone should be able to agree -that even high school players know to keep playing until the whistle.
    As always, it’s frightening to see how little it takes to make a lot of Koreans (not, I think, the majority of them) hate a country. Note also how hell-bent Daum, Naver et al are on whipping up xenophobia. Never mind the Killer Plastic Cup – someone even went to the trouble of translating dozens of Chinese netizens’ jokes about the Koreans’ defeat, thus eliciting scores of nasty slurs.
    Don’t you just love how soccer brings people together?

  • Zonath

    Eh… the community of ‘netijens’ that posts comments to news stories will always be filled with the unruliest, most bastardly group of psychopathic shut-ins that ever monkeyed across the face of the planet (except for people here, of course.) It’s unfortunate that the media outlets in SK have to play to that group, but oh well… every country has its netmorons.

  • madne0

    baduk: “Italian soccer team is one of the dirtiest teams in the world. Just look at what they did to Brian McBride. Italy plays dirty.”

    You know De Rossi, the player that elbowed McBride? Straight out of Wikipedia:
    “De Rossi was praised by referee Mauro Bergonzi after De Rossi had scored a goal with his hand in a match against Messina. Bergonzi allowed the goal until De Rossi showed a great piece of fair play when admitting to the referee that he had pushed the ball in with his hand, the goal was disallowed and Roma went on to win 2-1.”

    “During a 2006 World Cup group play match against the United States, De Rossi received a straight red card after he elbowed Brian McBride in the face. McBride left the pitch bloodied, but returned after treatment and later required three stitches. De Rossi later apologized to McBride (who subsequently praised De Rossi as “classy” for approaching him after the match).”

    I’ll second McBride on that.

  • cm

    Yeah, Italians, their league has been recently rocked by fixed match scandals. To imply that they were victimzed in 2002 by Korean bribes.. I guess it takes a cheater to know one.

    I saw that Swiss-Korea controversy.. and at that time, I said to myself, ‘oh shit, here we go again.’ The Korean media is fanning the flames again.

    To be fair to those players, I think the Korean media is turning around their comments into a ‘we wuz unfairly robbed’. The players may not have agreed with the offside flag going up and the ref over-ruling the linesman, but I don’t think they are blaming this for losing the game, as it is made out to be by the media. It’s the media and the usual netizen mobs who are turning this into WWIII.

  • hardyandtiny


  • mook

    The world gave Korea the Internet. Please, can we take it back now?

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk


    Why did he do that in the first place? It was not a goal situation, either. He goes up to head a ball and sees McBride jumping on the side, so he gives sharp elbow while the referee is not looking.

    It is a habit. Even he cannot control it. It is natural thing for these European professional soccer players.

    Soccer has turned into a dirty game.

    Rules have to re-written to clean up the game. Everybody pulls on the shirt, pushes using their arms, pulls the other guy down while heading the ball and tackles with their shoes spikes up.

    Dirty plays all around. I want to see them cleaned up.

    So far, Italians are the worst. The dirtiest bunch among dirty soccer players.

  • StKY

    Ok, I’m going to predict it here first! Sometime in the next 48 hours some korean Net-terrorist (that’s right, I went there) is going to claim that they found an ancient Chinese map that shows that the Swiss Alps are in fact part of the Korean empire, hence initiating the rewriting of all Korea (or is it Corean?) history books and beginning an all out arms race with the here-to-for “neutral but land grabbing” Swiss.

  • Maekchu

    Quote from Baduk: “And, I am proud that Koreans did not hurt anyone in these games, use any dirty tactics, or bribe any officials (Swiss may have done this, 50-50 chance).”

    So Baduk…by your own logic, does that mean the Koreans bribed the officials when they played France and the refs took a goal away from them?

    Nobody had more controversial calls help them than Korea in both 2002 and 2006. Why can’t Korea lose a game with dignity instead of always making some ridiculous excuse or conspiracy theory that caused their loss? I’m just curious here? Why can’t they?

  • MrChips

    madneo, thanks for the blurb on De Rossi. While it doesn’t negate what he did in the spur of the moment it shows he can rise to the occasion when he has time to think about it. There’s a lot guys out there who cheat and think it’s great that the get away with it. Your quote shows a little more perspective on the “football mentality” and all of its oddities.

  • MrChips

    on another note, perhaps the Koreans actually bribed the ref for the Korea-Swiss game but the ref just took it and ran, deposited it in one of those great Swiss accounts and then called the game straight anyways. Who’s gonna cry foul, eh?

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk


    1) A possible goal in France match: It is very difficult to call a goal in that situation. Especially, French players did not stop. If they had stopped playing like Koreans did, then the referee will ask the sideline referee about it. However, French kept playing. Besides, that kind of goal is very difficult to call. Too fast and unless you have a video camera above the goal post, it is difficult to make the correct decision. Things can look different if shot in different angles.

    2) About Swiss goal: The sideline referee raised the flag. But main referee did not call a whistle. Then, players must play. It is Korean team’s fault that they stopped playing. Lee UnJae made a big booboo. However, when Korean team protested, I have seen it many times that the referee can void the goal. I have seen it many times. Even if the ball touched the defender, the attacker was in “offside” position, then it is offside.
    In any case, the point is moot because the goal would not have made any difference one way or another. Korea was no match for Swiss in terms of speed, passing ability and goal scoring ability.

    3)Nobody had more controversial calls help them than Korea in both 2002 and 2006: This is not true. Every world cup produces many controversies. Soccer fans love to talk about players, calls and missed opportunities. All calls are controversial.
    Korea was the story of 2002 along with Turkey. People talk about “homeground advantage”. Then, people also talk about 1998 world cup and France’s “homeground advantage” as well.
    Controversies are sometimes what makes soccer a fun sports to watch.

    4)Why can’t Korea lose a game with dignity instead of always making some ridiculous excuse or conspiracy theory that caused their loss?: Every country does this in soccer. Losing soccer game feels like cutting off one’s duck. It hurts. Korea was no match for Swiss as Advocaat said after the game. Yet, it feels good to say, “we could have come back, only if the referee made a right call”. Sometimes, you have to pat your own back to keep going. Positive psychology. As long as it does not negate future progress, positive thinking does help.

  • http://www.thewilliamg.com The_William_G

    “Of course, it’s much easier to blame foreigners for your own shortcomings.”

    Or even vice versa, as is usually the case here in Korea.

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  • Plockhoy

    I must admit that I agree with Baduk’s posts here. Very reasonable to conclude that (i) the non-call was controversial (anybody actually look at the FIFA rules on off-siders?) but (ii) that it would not have mattered. I disagree with the posts that try to characterize Korea as a country FULL of whiny sore-losers (it would be accurate to say that it has some whiners, perhaps even more than other countries, but they do not along represent all of Korea). Finally, the “netizens” who are participating in the online campaigns are a disgrace.

  • tash


    you can watch the ‘offside that was onside’ here . (BBC commentators)

  • br

    watched YTN news tonight as I was looking for a replay of the “offside” call. there was a whole report about how the referees “screwed up” in group G, with replays of all “bad calls”, and not only in this last game.

    all “bad calls” were replayed, all excepted the the french goal of Vieira against Korea…

    that’s the thing about Korea: no dissoning voice is allowed when it concerns national pride… reminds me of the first days of the Hwang Woo-Suk affair…

  • MrChips

    Plockhoy, to back up your statement concerning advantage:


  • whitey

    Switzerland 2, Korea 0.

    The national orgy of self-congratulation ends…

    …and the fire sale on DaeHanMinGuk merchandise begins.

    Good luck to the team in 2010.
    By then, Park Chu Young will be more seasoned.
    Lee Chun Soo will have a better hairstyle (it can’t get worse).
    Ajussi “goalkeepuh” Lee Oon Jae will be gone, I guess, due to his age — so we won’t have to watch his self-important ranting at his teammates.
    Hopefully, Coach Advocat will still be here. He’s a class act.

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk

    Thank you, tash.

    The tape clearly shows the player was “onsite”. See, the referees are, in most case, correct. They are right on the spot and see things that TV cameras miss.

    I think even calls made in 2002 world cup games are, in most part, correct calls.

  • MrChips

    on now i’ve gone to look at the link provided by tash…hmmm. I don’t know what to say really. It certainly makes the actual offsides “position” seem more close but it’s very hard to tell from that video exactly when the ball was struck, and I doubt the British commentators ability to do so either as it seems that the overlay line they use and the comment are too far in advance of the actual pass…very very difficult.

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk

    Well, however, the Korean defender touched the ball and had the possession for even 0.01 sec (which may be the case here), the player is offside.

    In too many cases, the offside rule is splitting hairs. I hate offside rule in soccer. It is frequently wrong.

    Once in a while, soccer association think about getting rid of offside rule altogether. Then, it will be more like basketball. Many goals will be scored by offensive players lying around the goal post. Definite advantage for tall and big players.

    Old timers do not like the change; it changes soccer game in fundamental way. They don’t like soccer change in any significant way.

  • non korean

    I hate any international sporting events Korea is involved in simply because win or lose, it is a bad situation. They are bad losers. If they lose, they blame anyone else except themselves and then whine like babies for weeks, months, and even years. They all walk around with a big victimization badge on. I use to hate it when they lost and would actually hope they would win just so I didn’t have to listen to them all whine. But then I discovered they are even bad winners. If they win, it shows Korea’s natural Darwin like superiority over all others and lets them look down on others as inferiors. They walk around for weeks, months, and even years with heads the size of a small elephant.

    On another note, as an American living in Korea, I am glad that Korea’s hate will be spread out a little bit more for the next few weeks, months, and probably years. I’ve even had two different Koreans try to act like victimization brothers with me and try to pin on a victimization badge on my chest. Oh the US was kicked out. You were in a tough group. There was a bad call on you against Ghana. Oh those Italians elbowed that USA player poor USA……all the while hoping I will agree, and then tell them they are victims of a bad call as well. Let me tell you they were mighty disappointed when I said hey that is sports, and I’m not a baby that is gunna cry about it.

  • madne0

    baduk: “Once in a while, soccer association think about getting rid of offside rule altogether. Then, it will be more like basketball. Many goals will be scored by offensive players lying around the goal post. Definite advantage for tall and big players.”

    And that would be good…how? No tactics, no need to actually have skill with the ball. Just hang around the other team’s goal wait for a pass and blast it in. That wouldn’t be football. It would be a video game.

  • aletheia

    You don’t see the Japanese acting like this… Is it any wonder Koreans get no respect.

    Children… disgusting…

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk

    Many Americans are saying, “soccer is no fun because only few, if any, goals are scored”. Americans are very energetic people; they like to see “Gooools”.

    In MLS(soccer in America), many goals are artificially created. Offsides are not called and fouls are ignored.

    I think, after offside rule is gone, goals will be scored in every five minutes and scores will be like 20-15. It is different format, but it could be fun.

  • cm

    “You don’t see the Japanese acting like this…”

    you obviously didn’t hear what happened during the World Baseball Classic when Japan lost the game to the US because of a bad call.

  • cm

    That almost caused a diplomatic chill between the US and Japan.

  • aletheia

    That was justified. think for a change.

  • aletheia

    cm: Don’t twist.

  • http://junecho.blogspot.com june

    It’s really EMBARASSING. But as a Korean, I could tell you that not all Koreans agree on the idea of protest, rematch or anti-Swiss sentiment. Many netizens (on Naver and Daum) are minor (early 10s) and somewhat immature. Please do not generalize all Koreans because of those idiots. They would grow up someday.

  • Zonath

    The 5 million signatures idea was certainly an interesting one… Only one question about it, though. Why did the ‘netijen’ who started it tell people to use English? Isn’t the official language of FIFA still French?

  • gianola82

    To make it clear immediatly:

    I am Swiss and consequently support my national team. But I am also pretty related to Korea, coz I was working there for a while and have plenty of good souvenirs.

    Now concerning the game and the calls, i have to say that Freis Goal is indeed questionable. Not every referee would have let the game continued. But i really dont see any sense to blame the Swiss for the calls of the referee! The game was a tough game, but fair. No fights on the pitch, no spitting, no acting. Its not the Swiss players or the Swiss plp to blame…

    The referee wasnt Swiss, was he? How about the World Cup 2002? Were there not some questionable calls as well, which made it possible for Korea to advance? What about Vieras Shot in the Game against France? C’mon….. I love the korean people and their culture…but i have problems with their somewhat exaggerated patriotism.

    It is ridiculous to blame the Swiss for the decisions of the referees…..Get Real….

    Dae Ha Min Guk and Hopp schwiiz

  • cm

    “It is ridiculous to blame the Swiss for the decisions of the referees…..”

    Yes it is ridiculous. You have to realize, it’s easy to whip up internet fury in Korea, especially at the http://www.Naver.com – country’s gossip capital. That’s all it is, fury of nothing. It’ll blow over in few days.

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  • http://www.japanprobe.com James

    Please, let Korea have the rematch. It will be great to see them lose a second time.

  • komtengi

    in another group Korea would have got through, its all just tough luck really.
    and if you want to bitch about bad calls??
    1. The japanese goal against Australia
    2. Three yellow cards for one Croatian Player against Australia…

    but am I bitching about it?? no, Im over it… but then again we made the 16.


  • Mizar5

    Sugar Shin wrote:
    Korean players should shut up and stop the sissy whining. We lost, so show some sportsmanship to the winner. Bad calls (especially imagined ones by the Korean side) are part of the football game.

    I never thought I’d agree with anything Sugar says. What is holding Korean sports back is that we don’t yet understand sportsmanship and hardly deserve to play on a level ground with the real sportsmen of the world. We constantly get it mixed up with our racial/national pride and forget that to the rest of the world it’s a celebration to human endeavor first, and the national pride thing is downplayed to almost nothing. Baduk has the nerve to call the most demonstratively and shamelessly childish people in the world “mature.”

    Again, Korea is hopelessly out of step with the rest of the world and continues to put itself in positions where it can feel victimized. And this will continue to be the case so long as we continue not to even attempt to fit in with those outside our culture, but just try to show off to them.

    Korean sports thinking reflects our arrogant cultural supremicism. We don’t want to relate to the rest of the world, only to sweep in from the outside, score points and then run away.

    Of course we look totally ridiculous to the rest of the world and are quickly losing all the brownie points we got after Chung used Hyundai money to bribe FIFA into snatching the 2002 World Cup from Japan and forcing a shared tornament between Korea and Japan.

  • http://yeomso.blogspot.com/ The Goat

    Frikkin whiners got me blocked from fifa.com.


  • Brendon Carr

    Just think how much money the Great White Father Guus Hiddink will be getting paid by the Korea Football Association in 2010. Ten million dollars? Twenty million?

  • MrChips

    It’ll take some doing. Guus has already signed a contract to take over the Russian team for 2 1/2 years immediately after Ozzies’ last game in World Cup. Contract is for 2 million euros a year. If they are doing well I imagine he will extend there through the next cup.

  • http://yeomso.blogspot.com/ The Goat

    So Guus is going to Russia in a few days?

  • Maekchu


    1. Actually the goal was obvious to everyone from almost every angle due to the fact that the Korean defender was standing inside his own goal when he pushed the ball out. The French players were quoted as saying they knew it was a goal but stopping play would not have altered the decision so they played on. This is usually how experienced and level headed teams handle such a situation. I don’t recall any French citizens saying Korea bribed the refs.

    2. You’re right. And I’ve seen the linesman raise the flag many times but the head official will wave him off. Play continues until a whistle blows. The Koreans stopped and that is their mistake alone. The goal is moot anyway since the final score still would have been 1-0.

    3. Korea did have more controversial calls help them than anyone else in 2002 and it carried over into 2006. In 2002, bad calls against Portugal, Spain and Italy all directly helped Korea win those matches. Some were so obviously blatant that one of those teams (can’t remember which one) demanded an official investigation into whether or not FIFA was directing the refs to assist Korea in advancing as a reward for the tremendous amount of money Korea spent in building new stadiums for the WC. Personally I think this is a silly conspiracty theory but it doesn’t change the fact that Korea had a large number of bad calls that benefited them; more than anyone else. This fact has never been reported in the Korean media so as not to remove any of the luster from 2002 but it’s widely known everywhere else.

    4. Every country does get upset when a bad call goes against them but other countries don’t crash the FIFA website and threaten to blow up embassies. Korea overreacts like a spoiled child which only reinforces the generally held belief that the Hermit Kingdom is not mature enough yet to sit at the adult table.

  • Sugar Shin

    And who sits ad definitionem at the “adult table”? Out of pure interest, which nations belong to your so-called “adult table”?

  • http://kushibo.blogspot.com kushibo

    there are signs that “anti-Swiss sentiment” (you read that correctly) could explode at the slightest provocation

    About time someone got on the case of the Nazi-collaborating, Swatch-making, fattening chocolate-making, three languages-speaking, Jewish assets-hiding, Pontiff-protecting, Swiss cheese-making, UN-hosting Swiss.

    Oh, and if iheartblueballs doesn’t get rid of that obscene avatar, I’m boycotting this list.

    Actually, I’m not going to boycott the list, but I now can’t read the list in at the main office or in public, so it’s going to seem like I’m boycotting.

  • http://www.imbermedia.net/ Darin

    This would be the goal in question I presume?


    Looks in to me….

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  • Joel


    they should send Kim a petition to nuke Hannower. That would count as (natural) disaster, wouldn’t it?:P

    You can also try looking at it form other point of view: Koreans birbed line referee but were short for main refree and that’s the effect:P

  • iwshim

    If want access to fifa use a web anonymizer

  • http://sungnyemun.org/wordpress/ dda

    About time someone got on the case of the […] three languages-speaking […] Swiss.

    French, German, Italian, Romanch, that’d be four, I reckon…

    In another group Korea would have got through, its all just tough luck really.

    The group with Italy and Ghana, maybe? 😀

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk


    1. The referee see it the best. Are you saying the referee is blind or paid? Those are only two conclusions I can draw. I still believe the referee called it as he saw it. And, I have been playing/watching soccer for over 40 years and these calls are difficult to make one way or the other.

    2. For your enlightenment, even if the goal were disallowed and Korea had scored a goal and tied 1-1, Korea still would not advance due to goal differential. So, this whole debate is moot.

    3. I did not see any blatant bad calls. And, you and others keep bringing up soccer game results over four years past only leads to one conclusion.

    4. Have you seen English soccer hooligans? They were punching German fans and throwing bottles at German police? If Koreans did this in Germany, what would you write?

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk

    I am tired of some of you keep using World Cup to bash Koreans. If you hate Koreans (some of you hate some Koreans and others hate all Koreans- genocide level), just say it. Don’t hide behind soccer game results to make your bias legitimate.

    Just come out and say like Xi that you hate Koreans. I think that is more manly.

    And, as I advise another young man, if you hate Koreans so much, why are you wasting your time in Korea. Life is short and Korea is not the only country in the world. Instead of wasting your energy hating Koreans, why don’t you leave Korea and find some people you can love?

    It will be good for you and good for Koreans. Just go!

  • Sonagi

    Mizar, cut the “we Koreans” crap. Even if you were Korean, no one has appointed you as spokesperson for the Korean people, and this “we Koreans” this and “we Koreans” that presumes that 46 million Koreans all think alike.

    Regardless of your nationality, you definitely speak for yourself, not 46 million people. Do you ever post any other ideas besides negative generalizations of Koreans?

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk

    About Korean protest, I think it to be silly and will be over in a few days.

    However, I want it to continue. I have been writing that soccer rules need changing. It needs to be modernized. Especially, the off-side rule.

    FIFA needs to re-examine the off-side rule. Outside experts from other sports have to be consulted to make the rule more palatable for fans. FIFA may end up with the system similar to NFL; many referees communicating with microphone and instant video reference.

    However, the game itself needs to be cleaned up. Too many fouls and dirty plays. I hate to see slow motion because I see players punching/pushing/pulling/stepping/kicking/spitting etc. Soccer at present time is a dirty sports. I want to get it cleaned up.

    A judging system is another alternative. Instead of deciding the winner by goals, look at how they play. Like picking a winner in boxing match, ten referees from different countries will look at how the game progressed. If a team plays dirty, automatic point deduction. If one team scores, add points. The team with more points wins.

    A system to clean up the soccer is badly needed.

  • Brendon Carr

    More from that crazy cat. Take away the only objective measure — goals scored — and pick winners on subjective measures by “points”? Like figure skating?

    Then Korea will have a “fighting” chance — since the judges will all be for sale.

  • Maekchu


    1. I’m saying the referee made a bad call and took away a legitimate goal from France but you don’t see the French complaining about corrupt officials. Only Korea makes these claims (including you) when they get a bad call against them. Koreans (IMHO) are not mature enough to accept defeat without finding excuses or conspiracies.

    2. I’m not sure what you’re talking about here. Korea did not score any goals against the Swiss so if the “offsides” goal were disallowed the score still would have been Swiss 1 and Korea 0.

    3. If you didn’t see any bad calls against teams playing Korea in 2002 and 2006 then you are either blind or you know nothing about soccer. There are video clips on You Tube that show some of the blatantly biased calls that helped Korea in 2002. There were over 8 horrendous calls that assisted Korea in advancing. One call against Italy was perhaps the most blatant call I’ve ever seen in a soccer match. I’m not trying to take anything away from the 2002 Korea team; I’m just saying Korea has had more calls benefit them than anyone else and now that one went against them they need to relax.

    4. English soccer hooligans are a poor comparrison as they cause trouble both before and after games no matter who won the game. Koreans always make trouble and excuses when they lose. No other country makes bomb threats against embassies after a defeat except Korea. The fact that even an educated person such as yourself can’t admit to these problems shows Koreans are blind to their own faults and will always blame others for their defeats. It’s very childish.

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk

    1-2. I wrote before that the goal keeper Lee Unjae made a big booboo for stop playing before the whistle. I also wrote that the offside call was 50-50. And, the call did not matter, because even if the goal was voided and Koreans scored the equalizer, Korean team still would not advance due to goal differential.

    3.”blatantly biased calls”- your opinion. Official records show otherwise. Are you implying all three referees were paid off?

    4. “Koreans always make trouble and excuses when they lose” – You are no expert on Korean behavior. Most editorials I read in Korean newspapers said, “Let’s move on. And, prepare for 2010 World cup”.

    “No other country makes bomb threats against embassies after a defeat except Korea” – Every country has nutcases. Oki bombing, for example. What was that about? Do you know?

  • Maekchu


    1. You implied there was a possibility that the Swiss bribed the officials. This is just plain silly. I was trying to point out that no other teams fans make those kinds of silly insinuations after a loss except Korea. I used France as an example of NOT making these accusations even though they had a bad call go against them.

    2. We mostly agree on this one. :-)

    3. Official records do not say a call was controversial. Official records only state what was ruled on the field. Official records will show the second Swiss goal was scored too. Koreans will still consider this to be blatantly biased. All I’m saying is in 2002 many similar controversial calls occured that benefitted Korea. More than anyone else. Now that they have experienced a controversial call against them, they need to take it easy and stop with the protests and bomb threats.

    4. I’m no expert on Korean behavior, but it’s a fact no other country has ever threatened to blow up an embassy after a loss. You don’t need a psychology degree to see the obvious. It’s also a fact that in international competitions, when Korea suffers a defeat they always look for external reasons rather than accepting the loss gracefully. Nobody can deny this.

    Anyway….you are right about one thing…it’s time to move on. I also think all of this will blow over shortly. I do wish Korea good luck in 2010. It’s a better WC when they are in it.

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk


    Well, thank you for your kind remarks.

    The biggest problem with Korean team is still the lack of basic ball handling skills as pointed out this pundit.


    He basically says that Korean player needs several touches to control the ball while better teams(Germany, Argentina, Spain) only need one touch. He adds this slows down Korean attack and gives chance for other teams to steal the ball. And, since the transition from defense to offense is so slow, no player bothers to run into an open space. They wait for the ball to come to them.

    I agree. Korean players can run as fast as other teams. However, their ball handling skills and passing abilities are terrible. Koreans need Hiddink, to teach them the basics again.

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