You’ll be relieved to know that according to her dad, Michelle Wie is completely Korean:

Michelle Wie’s father Wie Byung-wook, a professor of transportation at the University of Hawaii, agreed to a telephone interview with the Chosun Ilbo on Thursday.
“I’m well aware there that some say, since Michelle Wie is an American why is she making such a fuss. But you know what, the only thing about her that’s American is her passport, she is “definitely” Korean.” The golfer’s favorite dish is “rice with pork Kimchi soup with extra tofu and toasted seaweed on the side.” Her mouth waters when she hears about Bossam (boiled pork) or steamed codfish, and Soondae (Korean sausage) and Deokbokki (broiled rice pasta with Korean chilli paste sauce). She may have been born in America but her first words were Korean, and she did not start learning English until after she was attending school.

But perhaps this is just the way of the future:

Wie cannot forget the time when she played golf with former president Bill Clinton at the end of October of last year. Clinton reportedly told Wie that she would be a leader for minorities in America in the future, and in the near future the U.S. will be a country where the minorities become majority.