U.S. Ambassador Alexander Vershbow was stopped by KCTU protestors from attending a meeting with the Korean Internet Journalists’ Association, reports the Korea Herald:

The U.S. envoy to Korea was to meet with members of the Korea Internet Journalists’ Association at the office of progressive radio channel, Voice of the People in Yeongdeungpo, western Seoul.

But members of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions who share an office in the same building barricaded the entrance and held out placards saying "U.S. obstructs reunification."

Bummer, although I’m still kind of baffled that the ambassador would go anywhere near the Voice of the People, which comes pretty close to being the Seoul branch of the KCNA.  On a positive note, I guess it’s good to see the KCTU’s keepin’ busy with their vice president awaiting trial in Hong Kong and all.

Just some choice quotes from the incident:

The internet news association also expressed regret but urged the ambassador to take the reason for the protest into consideration.

Yeah, I’m sure he’ll do just that.

The KCTU released a statement which read, "We believe the United States is trying to play the progressive press or use it for a political event. Thus we cannot accept (the ambassador’s) visit to Voice of the People that is aligned with the KCTU."