Kim Jong-il’s FAVORITE EATS!!!

As you could probably imagine, it ain’t easy running a starving Stalinist dictatorship, and you can work up a hell of an appetite. The Daily NK (English, Korean) gives us a look at what the Dear Leader likes to sit down to after a long day of protecting the DPRK from American imperialists, Japanese militarists and their South Korean running dog lackeys, with helpful analysis courtesy the culinary staff of Seoul’s Shilla Hotel:

Fujimoto Kenji who worked as Kim Jong Il’s personal cook escaped North Korea 2001 and after the publication of his book, “Kim Jong Il’s Cook” (Japanese edition) it was revealed for the first time the kind of food Kim Jong Il enjoys on his everyday.

Fujimoto said Commissioner Kim enjoys shark fin dish.

Shark fin transformed into many dishes to make it up to Kim Jong Il’s table, such as Coconut Shark Fin Stew, Bamboo Shark Fin Stew, and Shark Fin Conch Stew. In the menu of Kim Jong Il for Mar 21-26, 2001 of which Mr. Kenji presented the Shark Fin Stew appeared four times, which shows how much Kim Jong Il enjoys this dish.

According to the North Korean defectors, Commissioner Kim enjoys seafood but also likes meat. Although he usually asks for seafood, he also likes “Koya” (shoat barbeque) and “Salo” (Salted and aged pig fat).

He does not eat much but enjoys picking at various kids of food as if just to taste.

Commissioner Kim used to hold parties often until the late 1990s and drank often. At the time his favorite liquors are known to be “Johnny Walker Swing” and “Hennessy XO.”

No grass and tree bark for the Lodestar of the 21st Century, it would seem. The Korean edition — which seemed to be getting some attention over at — ran a list of Kim’s 30 favorite foods, which I’ve posted below along with some simple translations. I’ll say this for him — he may be a tyrant overseeing one of the worst socio-political experiments in the history of man, but at least he’s got good taste in food.

  • Jing

    Hmmm looks delicious. Unfortunately I can only say I’ve had no more than 5 of those delicious food items. Still it is revealing of Kim Jong Il’s origins. Although the majority of the foods are east Asian, there are a pair of popular eastern European dishes that are actually staples rather than exotic luxuries(e.g. Shark Fin)

  • baduk

    KJI should not eat Shark dishes. How can he eat one of his kind?

  • MichaelMichael

    “Potato noodles,” $10?

  • Kushibo

    Are these South Korean won or North Korean won?

  • The Marmot

    Kushibo — South Korea won. The prices were estimated by the Shilla Hotel.

    MichaelMichael — The potato noodles are served with slices of raw beef or pheasant (or so says the explanation), which I’d imagine jacks up the price a tad.

    Jing — Also of interest was raclette at No. 7. I’d imagine he picked that up with his kids studying in Switzerland.

  • Nomad

    Broiled pheasant is cheaper than dog meat? Interesting.

  • MichaelMichael

    Ah, I didn’t read the fine print. Man, raclette! Shouldn’t be looking at that so close to lunch….

  • KrZ

    Why is eel roe $2000?

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