Sex Addicts Korea

The Chosun Ilbo recounts the tragic tales of sex addicts in Korea and provides the warning signs that will allow you, the readers of English, to determine whether or not you are victim of this tragic affliction. And besides, with a pic like this, who couldn’t help but read?

human diversity is grand

Now, say what you want about Korea’s lack of multiculturalism, but let it not be said that we over at the Chosun Ilbo fail to appreciate the beauty of human diversity when tits and ass are concerned.

  • Ronin

    Love the questionair: ” 12 or more means you may be in danger of moving into the final stage of sex addiction. ”

    Well i guess im screwed. And here I thought i was a typical American male 30 year old.

  • Scott-in-Japan

    A woman wrote that article and questionnaire. The article should read: “Wives: put out, or your husband will leave.” The questions don’t relate to guys getting laid regularly by a woman who is good in bed – case closed.

  • Wedge

    This is a load of crap – every red-blooded male fits the definition in the Chosun Ilbo article. The sex addiction myth is just another excuse for females to keep their legs together.

  • Simon World

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  • anonymous

    “9. You feel attracted to even you’re friends’ girlfriends. ”

    It should say “your.” Who copy edits this????

  • The Marmot

    It’s my translation, so that would be my error, too. My bad. Happens when you’re trying to do several things at once.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, that image is hilarious! And I must say, I’m slightly disturbed that there are two dogs in that concubine…wtf?

  • wooj

    Marmot, when you quote translated articles, can you also try to include links to the original Korean articles (unless you have to search for them from scratch every time, which would be too tedious) ?

  • The Marmot

    You know, Wooj, someone suggested to me yesterday that English actually link to the original Korean pieces for those studying Korean (or for those studying English, for that matter, although I’d be somewhat suspect of someone using something I wrote to study English). The English version of the Dong-A Ilbo does this, which is just about the only nifty thing it does. I think I brought it up at work once, and it didn’t go too far if I recall. Anyway, I’d be happy to link to the originals on this blog, just in case you forgot how to say “compulsive masturbation” in Korean.

  • wooj

    Haha, I’ve always felt “????œ???‰?œ?” just doesn’t sound right when dealing with “masturbation.” Now, “?”¸?”¸??´” is one nice invention. It sounds so much better than “jerk off,” “jack off,” etc. No wonder we Koreans are regarded masters of ?????±??´ and ?????œ??´!

    I’m actually often impressed with the quality of translation on some of the articles you link to (that I bother to compare with the originals), because I know how hard it can be to do these accurately (having worked lots of part-time interpretation/translation jobs myself in college). It’s just that sometimes I read an English article and it makes me wonder, out of pure curiosity, what the original article looked like. The other thing is, you can see how other Koreans reacted in the comments section of the Korean article. Some of them can be quite funny.

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  • gbnhj

    Lovely, lovely. However, I had difficulty with the questionnaire – what constitutes ‘perverted sex’? Now, I’m just asking…

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