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    […] the surfings good. Besides, having posted twice on the lovely young lass (here and here), I feel I deserv […]

  • Horace Jeffery Hodges

    Ah, the ‘prudish’ press. Did they really cover it? I notice (before quickly averting my eyes) that the Prieto photo in your more recent post is only half covered.

    Jeffery Hodges

  • http://mismo noel jara

    i just wonder about her.i just want to see

  • al

    can you send me an email of photo of francine? i was not able to see those photos but i bet it’s mouth watering….yummmy!!!

  • rodel

    can you please spare me these photos…i love to see it as well…rodel

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    want to see

  • http://www.francineprieto.dpinoyweb.com Eddie

    You can find Francine’s pics here http://www.francineprieto.dpinoyweb.com

  • Mang Joe

    you can see Francine Prieto’s pict at Mr Moo’s nudemanila.com.. They have vidcap picts of Francine’s Picts in Korea..


  • bambino

    I’m lucky to see francine face to face!! hehehe! she’s actually my classmate in school. and she’s really beautiful and tall.

  • mark

    i wanna see her nudelicious photo cn it be sent 2 me?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a comment yet cause i did’nt
    see the picture
    By derang385@aol.com

  • http://cuteako alindada

    di ko pa nakikita. atska nlng ako mgcocoment pg nkta ko na db???

  • K32S

    2 see is 2 believe… show it

  • jam

    show me more next time please!

  • samson

    the shots are so nice.

  • http://yahoo.com habitat

    do you have old nude pic of the past from ate bi to alma?? ty..

  • men

    i luv dat gurl vri mch.i alwyz wtch her at evry show she appeared.and ganda nya tlaga subra…

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  • booba

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