The NYT has a piece on the real estate wet-dream that is Yongsan. Budaechigae picks out the relevant bits, but I found this line particularly amusing:

Inside Yongsan, some American officers recall that the United States first agreed to leave Yongsan in 1988. The move was delayed because successive South Korean governments never found a suitable site outside Seoul.

“I bet my paycheck that while I am in the Army it will never happen,” said one American officer here. “Twenty years from now, I will still be reading about it. It is a great political platform for some people. It’s a self-licking ice cream cone.”

This may not be the safest bet, though:

But Pentagon planners vow that the move from Seoul will not be stopped. To sweeten the shift, the United States has promised to spend $11 billion over three years to upgrade American forces in South Korea.

“We move this time, or we just leave,” said Scott Snyder, a Korea specialist who works for The Asia Foundation, a research institute. “A brigade could be relocated to Iraq, and then not come back.”

Nice way to put that, Scott.