Courtesy the Gyeongyang Shinmun:

‘Dance-jjang’ Seduces 8 Men into Paid Sex

Police have caught a divorced woman in her 30s who, after introducing herself as the “dance-jjang” on Internet chat sites, took money in return for sex.

Police in Gangnam, Seoul arrested (without confinement) 37 year old Ms. Lim on charges of violating anti-prostitution laws. From mid-January until recently, she is suspected of sending messages to an unspecified number of men via Internet chatting sites saying, “I came in first in 14 ‘Sexy Dance’ competitions. Let’s have a ‘conditional meeting’ [a ‘conditional meeting‘, apparently, is where a woman places a physical description and her asking price on Internet chat sites],” and through this method making a total of W800,000 by having sex with eight men for W100,000 each. Investigations revealed that Ms. Lim married in 1995 after graduated from a music college in North Jeolla Province [must be something in the bibimbap], but divorced almost immediately afterword. After that, she lived alone, working as a piano teacher in a private institute. Ms. Lim told police, “I ran up a credit card debt of around W6 million on things like entertainment expenses [my Dad always warned me about the plastic monkey on your back],” and, “I said I danced well, and even guys in their 20s quickly responded for ‘conditional meetings.'”

For a fuller look at the whole “jjang” Internet phenomenon (in English), I direct you here.