Lee Ji-hyeon’s going full frontal

lee_jihyunI’m putting off fisking this Boston Globe abortion from Leon Sigal in the Boston Globe (courtesy Solomonia) until tomorrow to bring you THIS BREAKING NEWS, grabbed fresh off the Yahoo! Korea newswire. Actress Lee Ji-hyeon (25) has announced that she will release “hair nudes” (i.e. full frontal nude photos) on December 12 over at her website. Said Lee’s people, “Other celebrities have announced that they will release “hair nudes” and the “nude war” has become intense. But not one has released real shots.” The photos, coincidentally, were taken at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, which was a bit of an issue, because the photos were initially held on to by the government due to protests by the Cambodian Foreign Ministry which felt that the image of the UNESCO World Heritage Site had been damaged. Go figure for a country rather notorious for child prostitution, but hey, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, I guess.

Oh, BTW, unless you are a Korean citizen, don’t bother going over to her website – like many Korean websites, it practices cyber-apartheid by requiring you to enter your citizen number. BUT FEAR NOT, loyal readers! We here at the Marmot’s Hole (i.e. me, myself, and I) pride ourselves on digging up the goods and making this blog as full a multimedia experience as possible. So, without further ado, I bring you the links to not just one, but TWO galleries from her nude photo book.

Gallery 1
Gallery 2

(Courtesy GE Max, where you can view Ham So-weon’s nude photo book as well!)

Needless to say, unless you work in a porn shop, the later three links are NOT workplace friendly.

  • http://corsair.blogspot.com corsair the rational pirate

    Nice rack. Thems real?

    /caveman mode

  • http://corsair.blogspot.com corsair the rational pirate

    Oh, and it is QEmax not GEmax.

    /porn site URL editor

  • http://www.sungnyemun.org/weblog2/ dda

    Thus the boobie-pics-for-votes! Send Conrad a fat cheque!

  • Christopher

    It’s a REVOLUTION!

  • Otter

    Oh, BTW, unless you are a Korean citizen, don’t bother going over to her website – like many Korean websites, it practices cyber-apartheid by requiring you to enter your citizen number.

    Out of curiosity — that is supposed to accomplish what?

  • Jay42

    Woo hoo, conservative and naive my @ss! I like this, and not just because I’m a middle aged perv, but because I think it’s time for Korea to crawl out from under the no-such-thing-as-sex-in-Korea rock. Good on ya, Lee Ji-Hyeon, and may I add you look very nice in black stockings and high heels ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • just me

    YOu perverts!

  • http://www.solomonia.com/blog Solomon

    Leaving the Leon Sigal thing for another day, eh? Thank god *someone* has their priorities in order!

  • slim

    Actually the Sigal piece, predictable as it is isn’t as bad as he usually is and not nearly as off-base as the Boston Globe’s frequent hyper-ignorant editorials on North Korea.

  • http://orientalredneck.blogspot.com Tony

    I like how everyone’s developing specializations – Conrad with the Chinese boobie pics, you with the Korean boobie pics, seeing eye blog has cornered the half-Korean hottie niche. Nice.

    Bless you for your selfless devotion to your readers.


  • http://cathartidae.blog-city.com Brian

    Can you imagine the uproar if Playboy magazine wanted to do a nude photo shoot at Kyungbokoong?

  • http://www.flyingchair.net Phil Ingram

    nghh mph ger mwa hga. Oh dear lord that was too much

  • tangent Shenzhen

    Nice boobies. look real to me, but if they are fake, her doctor deserves a big round of applause. Wish more actresses in Korea/China/HK took her cue.

  • http://www.sungnyemun.org/weblog2/ dda

    The citizen number (?์ฉ?์ฑˆ์งธ?????ํธ???์งง???) is required to prove you’re an adult. The system used for foreigners has been changed recently in order to make it compatible with the system used for locals, but apparently, the programmers haven’t caught up yet (many just don’t give a flying… er… chair about it). I guess I could provide the ‘offedning’ site with the amended javascript routines to include Alien Registration Numbers, but there’s no telling what their reaction would be.
    And apparently ??์จˆ?์ง ????’s boobs are real. So says wifee. Whatever.

  • http://www.brainysmurf.org/ Adam Morris

    On behalf of many many boobie-starved blog surfers, thank you.

  • Curious

    Very nice, but wasn’t it Koreans who decried the fictional James Bond having a little T & A in a supposed Korean Buddhist temple (there was incense after all, so it must have been one).

    I think that the real act of posing nude on another country’s NATIONAL SYMBOL which even appears on their FLAG and is a REAL complex of temples albeit mostly still smashed from the powers of the jungle, is kind of a, er, rude thing to do– nice boobs or not.

  • http://marmot.blogs.com/korea The Marmot

    I’d probably have to agree with you, Curious – it’s probably not the most culturally sensitive thing in the world to pose nude in a nation’s national symbol – especially if said symbol is religious in nature. Still, I guess there is something spiritually uplifting about nice boobs, isn’t there?

    Oh, and I had to delete a previous comment – just for future reference, I’m far from a bastion of PC orthodoxy, but I would prefer to not see the wanton use of ethnic slurs (i.e. “gooks”) in my comments section. Your cooperation on this would be most appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    “for a country rather notorious for child prostitution”

    What has that got to do with anything?

  • Anonymous

    there’s no way that is a real set. you can tell by the way they look so full. Korean women are not stacked. They are fake.

  • Wedge

    Three things:

    1. They’re not real.
    2. Imagine them doing this at Mt. Rushmore (actually, that’d be cool – bad example) or the Lincoln Memorial. Plus, how’d they do it with all the tourists?
    3. “Hair nude”??? Is that false advertising or what?

  • scott e

    those pictures were a breast of fresh air

  • Anonymous

    how do i access the galleries? it links me to pool.com or something…

  • Boo

    Can anybody give me links to see Lee Ji Hyon, i cant accest that site :S :(

    TITLE: Boobie pics of asian babes
    BLOG NAME: Brainysmurf
    has long owned to the Gweilo, it’s refreshing to see that the Marmot has contributed his fair share to the wealth as well by providing fresh pics of a Korean actress to boobie-starved surfers everywhere. (The Gweilo’s collection is down…

  • railwaycharm

    Fake jugs don’t bother me a bit. They inspire me.

  • vitae

    hey! the links dont seem to work. Can anyone give any other links to the pics or possibly email them to me please??