So long… and thanks for all the fish

With the end of the year approaching and no end to my extended blogging vacation in sight, I’ve decided now is a good time to finally pull the plug on The Marmot’s Hole.

To be perfectly honest, I just don’t want to do it anymore. And I haven’t for quite some time.

I started this blog back in 2003. It’s undergone several transformations – it started with photos about daily life, then moved to daily life and political posts, to political posts and tabloid crap, to probably way too much tabloid crap, to more mature blogging and finally, now, me not blogging at all, or at least not here, anyway. Likewise, the comment section has undergone several waves, depending on the quality of the posting and the quality of crowd control in the comment section.

To maintain a current events and news blog at a respectable level – something I failed to do for extensive periods of time – requires a lot of time, energy, passion and moral/intellectual certainty. Nowadays, however, I have little in the way of time, energy and passion, and almost nil in the way of certainty. As I’ve said many times, when I started this blog, I was an arrogant douche who thought he knew everything. Some 15 years later, I know – and this is really the only thing I’ve got that approximates a certainty blog-wise – that I know next to nothing. I hate reading my drivel – especially the early stuff, which was woefully misinformed, obnoxious in form and probably not conducive to mutual understanding – and feel my time would be better spent reading people who know what they’re talking about. Or taking photos.

Which brings me to my photo blog. It’s no secret that my passion nowadays – and probably till they put me in the proverbial box – is photography. I’m not really good at it – not terrible, mind you, but compared to my on- and off-line friends, still very much a work in progress – but it makes me happy. Or at least happier than ranting about North Korea, bitching about the media or posting salacious tabloid- or expat-related bullshit did. And it’s a lot more constructive, both for me and my readers.

I want to thank my long-time readers, commenters, co-posters and fellow bloggers, especially my Korean and ethnic-Korean ones, who had to put up with more than their fair share of bullshit, but from me and fellow commenters. Why you showed up regularly, I sometimes had no idea, but I’m glad you did, and you deserved better. I’ve learned a great deal from you guys, and for that I am truly grateful. I’m happy to have have met many of you on Facebook, Instagram and meat space as well.